Increase your direct booking with Book On Google

What is Book on Google?

Meta-Search October 5th, 2020

Book On Google is a “booking engine” created by Google to enable your potential customers to complete a booking without leaving their ecosystem. 

The goal is to provide the customer with the best possible user experience. The idea is to remove all friction from jumping the user from Google to a different landing page.

Book on Google was initially available only in the US. It is now available in the majority of markets.

Step 1: Searching for your hotel on Google

Hotel search Results on Google

The user searches for a hotel on Google.  The GMB  (Google My Business) of the hotel will appear with multiple choices to book (Official Site, etc). One of the choices will allow the user to book directly on Google. This will be indicated on the campaign (per screenshot below). 


Step 2: The hotel listing on Google Hotel Ads 

The user will be able to make an online booking directly on Google without leaving their site. This means that the user never leaves the search engine.  Everything is done on the Google hotel booking interface.

hotel listing on Google Hotel Ads

 Step 3: Booking and payment of the hotel room

First, the user selects the booking details: room choice, number of guests etc.

Hotel reservation on Book on Google

Next, the user pays for the booking or leaves credit card details as a guarantee (depending on the guarantee conditions). Current payment choices: American Express, Visa or MasterCard.

Contact details

credit card details

Step 4: Booking Summary

The user will receive a confirmation mail sent directly by the hotel as if the booking came from the Booking Engine of the hotel. It is important to ensure that the booking reference is entered into the booking engine in case of modifications or cancellations.

Confirmation and recap Book on Google

What it means for hoteliers:

For hoteliers, this means a new distribution channel in addition to your website. 

Book on Google offers a number of significant benefits aimed at improving the visibility of your establishment

  • Rapid integration 
  • One booking reference number only 
  • An email is sent directly to travelers choosing to stay at your hotel
  • Increase in conversion rates for a hotel website
  •  Optimized customer experience


Key points:

Book On Google simplifies booking for your future customers. It is designed to make booking fast, simple and efficient. Using Book on Google not only enables your hotel to appear on the metasearch engines, but also increases the likelihood of increasing your hotel website conversions.  This is why it is important to add it to your hotel marketing strategy.

Would you like to learn more about Book on Google? Contact our team of experts who will help to get you started.