metasearch basics

Metasearch Basics

Meta-Search October 14th, 2018

What You Need to Know About Metasearch

With significant changes in the hotel business, industry professionals have seen an explosion in the variety of distribution channels. Hotel marketing has turned a corner, and hotel owners need to keep up. Travelers use metasearch channels to plan their stays, checking room availability in real time and deciding whether to make a booking on the hotel website or through an OTA.

What Is Metasearch?

When users look for hotels through a search engine, they get search results from a variety of websites. These are the results of meta searches.

A metasearch (or price comparison) platform compares the prices of a hotel listed on multiple websites.  In other words, it synthesizes the rates available online, then offers the internet user the best deal based on the hotel selection and length of stay.

These days, the main price comparison platforms are Google Hotel Ads, Tripadvisor, Trivago, Kayak and Skyscanner.

These metasearch engines allow web users to compare deals offered for the same hotel by various online sellers.

Résultats metasearch

It’s important to note that metasearch engines are different from OTAs (online travel agencies), which offer travel or tourism packages. and Expedia are the primary OTAs in competition with hotels.

Why Appear on Metasearch?

Appearing on metasearch increases your traffic acquisition and offers you an additional distribution channel, helping you to compete with OTAs.

In France, hotel websites are hoteliers’ third most profitable booking channels, so why would you neglect this sales channel?

70% of internet users visit a metasearch

You are offering your future clients the opportunity to book a hotel room directly on your website’s booking engine. You post your rates and availability, and the user can see it all in real time.

Appearing on metasearch will also help you get direct bookings, which will increase your revenue and your hotel website’s conversion rate.

How to Appear on Metasearch

You have the opportunity to offer your rooms using metasearch management tools. To create your campaigns and appear on metasearch engines, contact an agency for assistance setting up your strategy.

Metasearch agencies establish a link between your CRS, your channel manager, and the tool that you’ll use to manage your metasearch. Once that connection is established, you’ll appear on hotel price comparison platforms.

WIHP developed the Meta I/O solution, a metasearch engine management tool, to manage your metasearch distribution. Connectivity, bid management, automation, invoicing, etc.

What Are the Advantages?

The main advantage lies in showing your hotel’s website directly to travelers. 

  • Increase your visibility
  • Increase your direct revenue.
  • Optimize your distribution costs.
  • Reduce the share of commissions paid to OTA’s

Take away:

Metasearch are search engines that offer the best price to the internet user. Offering a hotel room through this booking channel will help you compete directly with OTAs.

That means these booking channels are a must if you want to increase your hotel’s revenue.

Interested in offering rooms through on metasearch engines? Contact our metasearch management agency.