Avvio metasearch

Case Study : Avvio

Case Studies,  Meta-Search December 23rd, 2022

Founded in 2002, Avvio is a technology company specializing in the hotel industry. Avvio’s mission is to increase the direct bookings of its hotel clients. 

The agency works with independent hoteliers and groups located in Europe and America and helps them develop their online reputation and gain more direct market share.

Avvio metasearch

“WIHP has been a trusted technology partner for many years. With Meta I/O, we can activate and manage all of our clients’ metasearch campaigns from a single interface. The flexibility offered by Meta I/O is a significant advantage in getting the most out of metasearch.”

Steeve Collins Avvio


As soon as the Tripadvisor Sponsored Placement solution was released, Avvio wanted to connect to this new channel.

A Meta I/O user for years, Avvio is constantly looking for new solutions and acquisition channels to increase its customers’ direct bookings. 

TripAdvisor Sponsored Placement solution met their needs. It increases hotels visibility at their destination.


The Tripadvisor Sponsored Placements solution was made available to all Meta I/O users as soon as it was launched.

In order for users to be able to fully measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, we set up an extremely reliable tracking system in close collaboration with Tripadvisor teams.

Avvio’s digital teams were able to:

  • Offer a new acquisition channel to their customers;
  • Easily launch their Tripadvisor SP campaigns;
  • Optimize Tripadvisor SP advertising campaigns;
  • Manage their customers’ incremental bookings.



Avvio was able to quickly benefit from a new solution, which allowed the hotels to gain additional direct bookings and optimize their revenues.

Meta I/O’s technology and accurate tracking met Avvio’s objectives. The agency was able to see an increase in booking volume for their hotel clients of over 91%, with an average ROI of 23.6x.

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