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Analysis & Strategy

A preliminary study determines whether your hotel qualifies for the WIHP Premium solution. Then, a complete analysis is conducted, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel’s current marketing strategy.

By analyzing past performance, occupancy and rate management, and comparing all data to existing averages, WIHP determines key elements of the hotel’s current marketing efficiency. We take the analysis a step further, looking into the hotel’s online reputation, social strategy and how these catalyze revenue.

We analyze the distribution strategy through online travel agents, tour operators, return customers and all the factors that show how the hotel currently sells. We also take into consideration the hotel management’s business plan for the immediate and long term future.

Based on all the information collected, our hotel marketing analysts determine the marketing strategy for the hotel, and work out the perfect plan to accomplish it. Then, WIHP presents a custom roadmap, that shows concretely the objectives to be achieved in three, six, twelve and twenty-four months.

Each strategy is tailored for the hotel, and delivered by the hotel’s designated consultant, who will be the exclusive WIHP account manager for that hotel for the next 24 months.

Selecting the right, dedicated WIHP consultant for the hotel ensures continuity throughout the strategy and its ultimate success.


WIHP Convert is the best system in the industry to convert random website visitors into actual hotel guests. Convert is designed and developed to generate a website that delivers exceptional user experience, which can be tracked and measured. In-depth analytics give you actionable data to capitalize on your hotel's web presence.

Convert has been tested at over 4000 hotels, and delivered exceptional success rates. You will have one of the most efficient hotel websites available on the market, the perfect vehicle to take advantage of your online real estate, and a crucial tool to get more direct bookings.

Convert sites are image centric, based on a strategy that delivers proven results, every time. This implies the use of professional photography: you can either trust our award-winning photographers to deliver awe-inspiring imagery, or hire your own. Aside great imagery, you also need a great plan and goals to make the most out of WIHP Convert: all your ideas and goals are used to create a design that matches your plans better than a glove. Our design delivers the ideal site that brings you the best possible conversions.

Every user action on your site is monitored carefully by our hotel marketing analysts, who track each step to ensure maximum conversions.


Once the marketing strategy for your hotel is determined, the first step is to maximize the hotel’s visibility online. Through unique partnerships with Google, TripAdvisor, Trivago and a multitude of other advertising partners, WIHP customers are guaranteed return on investment, which is tracked and measured every day.

WIHP has strong connections with all the major meta-search engines, to ensure that hotels are visible where travelers are searching. To remind users of the hotel and entice them to come back and book, WIHP also develops engaging re-targeting campaigns.

The strategy gets stronger by protecting and advertising the hotel’s brand on all the channels that secure more profits. Google certified advertising drives optimized AdWords campaigns, that are efficient in every country. Advertising success is measured against revenue generated for the hotel.

To increase the hotel’s popularity, WIHP also devises an efficient distribution strategy through online travel agents. Together with you, we determine how best to distribute the hotel's message and brand on all possible channels, while carefully monitoring your property's revenue.

Last, but not least, we increase brand awareness and hotel popularity by engaging travel bloggers from around the world, who feature the hotel in articles relating popular local events, exclusive editorials, editorial reviews, and much more.


Don't leave customer satisfaction to chance: the guest doesn't cease to be your client after he/she leaves your hotel. How you approach post-stay marketing defines future client retention, guest returns and brand awareness. You need a powerful strategy to make your clients feel important after they say good bye. WIHP helps you plan a personalized social media strategy to stay in touch with your guest.

Consider this: the guest will share experiences about your hotel on various channels, including, but not limited at, TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, Google+ Business Pages and more. To manage potential

negative reviews and to protect your online reputation, you need a strong social media strategy. We analyze your hotel’s existing reputation to build the strategy, and we implement it together with your staff. Ensuring the hotel’s TripAdvisor reputation is more than making sure that the guests write reviews. You need to address negative sentiment, and to reward positives. We'll help you plan ahead a feasible ROI-driving strategy.

Statistics show that over 40% of direct bookings come from social channels, via social media word-of-mouth. To amplify word-of-mouth on social channels, our social

strategy that boosts hotel popularity. 

Email updates and newsletters are still among the top revenue-driving tools in the industry. WIHP's proprietary email software integrates with hotel booking engine and management systems, and drive even more direct bookings.


WIHP's unique monitoring and analytics platform for hotels delivers all the key information you need to take action based on critical performance indicators.

This tracking and analytics platform empowers us to see exactly what is happening with your hotel’s online marketing. You will gain an unparalleled understanding of metrics such as: social impact to return guests ratio; guest satisfaction by category; visitor trends compared to conversion rate; overall turnover; and etc. There are thousands of stats and indicators to watch, but some are more important than others. WIHP makes sense of big data, switching in between macro and micro analytics, to deliver the most relevant statistics for your property, and help you find the key issues that need to be optimized.

Hotels are ecosystems in their own right. Therefore, their WIHP hotel marketing ecosystem (HEM) needs to be refined based on results, stats, market changes etc. WIHP analysts are monitoring results based on all the goals and objectives agreed upon with you.

WIHPConnect, the most advanced web application in the cloud to measure big data for hotels, gives you a complete view of what goes on with your marketing strategy, and empowers you to take the right actions to meet all your objectives.