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Get more with WIHP advertising on TripAdvisor

WIHP makes your TripAdvisor ads generate direct revenue. With an average of 13x ROI - TripAdvisor ads are the most effective hotel ad channel on the market today. Now with total budget control: you tell us how much you want to spend, and our advanced systems make sure that you never spend more.

Pioneering TripAdvisor ads for hotels

WIHP makes your TripAdvisor ads generate bookings. Click through rates don’t say much about the success of an ad campaign on TripAdvisor. What you should be focused on when you pay for TripAdvisor ad campaigns, is the number of direct bookings generated. That’s precisely what WIHP will be showing you.

13X Return on Investment

The average advertising campaign managed by WIHP via TripAdvisor produces 13 times more than you invest. Thanks to our advanced tracking systems, which measure the results of these campaigns continuously, we work with you to make the best out of each advertising effort.

Using WIHP Connect to control your results

With WIHPConnect you can see exactly what is happening with your TripAdvisor campaign at any given time, no matter where you are, and from any device. In addition, you get one-on-one tips from your account executive, to maximize the results. You can also control your campaign, or chain campaigns, at a granular level, investing your budget on what drives the best ROI, while reducing the ad spend on what doesn't, all while monitoring the overall return.
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