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Monitor and improve your direct booking performance



Tracking can be complicated: most monitoring tools offer either too much information, or too little. WIHPConnect is designed to be correct and precise, helping you make sense of big data like no other tool on the market. The software shows you essential data that gives you leverage over competitors, and empowers your hotel staff to make the right decisions.


Most monitoring tools on the market cause “analysis paralysis:" a bulk of data that confuses marketing staff by throwing at them too much information with no actionable insights. WIHPConnect is different: it gives hoteliers macro and micro views of their online marketing efforts, backed up by the exact information they need to act confidently and precisely.


With WIHPConnect, you can measure your website’s performance against revenue, gauge your SEO against revenue, and even ascertain your advertising against revenue. This is how your hotel marketing staff can make the right decisions and understand the real reasons why guests come to your hotel, and the marketing channels that bring them there.

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