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True white-hat SEO that focuses on real results

What keywords are relevant for your hotel? Which ones bring the revenues? SEO is not alchemy; it's logical approach to user behavior on search engines.


Key Words

Don't measure your SEO ROI in page views, but in bookings. There are certain keywords that convert better for each online entity, and you should optimize your hotel website for them. Untargeted keywords, no matter how popular, are just going to give you a high bounce rate and no bookings. Our SEO team knows what sells.


Before creating a website we analyze: we find out everything that is unique about your property, by surveying former guests, studying the hotel and determining what is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition). The SEO team then identifies which keywords match guest expectations and directs the copywriters and designers to include the elements that drive the most ROI for your hotel.


SEO for hotels is a specialized field of expertise. We have years of experience in this field, and we constantly monitor and adapt to new SEO exigencies and requirements, to keep your site on Google's bright side. We enable you to achieve the correct position for your hotel on search engines and keep it there.


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