The WIHP offices

Stop complaining about what doesn't work, and go with a marketing analysis that helps you understand what does.

WIHP helps you find out everything about hotel internet marketing. Superior data gives you intelligence to leverage to your advantage, increasing your hotel's direct revenue immediately, while you are working on the longer term strategy.


Professional analysis is managed by our consultants, who are identified as account executives. Your hotel receives a dedicated account executive, always there for one-on-one support. Think of your WIHP consultant as an extension of your marketing team and an advocate for your brand. He will compile the information you have, and discover more data than you ever believed was available online. WIHP experts take a proactive approach: they travel to your hotel to identify the hidden gems that can be used to increase the hotel’s revenue: your premium services, the destination itself, the small perks that make guests return, and more.

Marketing tools

WIHP uses a large arsenal of marketing tools to monitor your online reputation, organic search results, social mentions, and more. With tips, tools and experience, your Account Executive will show you how to boost online visibility, build your social networks and attract new guests. Proprietary marketing tools provide us with a factual overview of the hotel, which leads straight to the bottom line.


Analysis and custom data help us build a tailored strategy designed exclusively for your hotel. Because every property is different, an ecosystem in its own right, no one strategy is identical to another. WIHP Custom strategies always include short term actions to increase the hotel’s direct revenue or occupancy immediately, while we work on the longer term actions that will guarantee the hotel’s continued success in the months and years to come. Based on the custom strategy we set revenue objectives and other goals, and we work directly with you to achieve them in as quickly as possible.

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