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Make your guests want to come back

40% of your direct bookings come from social channels, word-of-mouth and guests sharing their experiences.


Customer's Loyalty

The fastest way to develop word-of-mouth communication is to be present and active on social media.
One in four people uses social media worldwide, and the numbers are likely to grow in the immediate future. This is why it is imperative for hotels to be present and use social media channels to communicate with their guests, and to get their guests to communicate about their hotels with their friends and family.

Worldwide Presence

WIHP's Social Media unit is in charge of thousands of highly successful, ROI-driving, social media campaigns for our clients and with our clients. The keys to any successful social media campaign are, interaction, engagement, and a human one-on-one response to any feedback by guests.
Social Media is, perhaps, the most powerful communication tool available today, enabling you to interact with guests and future guests all over the world from a single platform, in real time. Despite its obvious advantages, many hotels are not managing social media channels in the best possible way. WIHP is here to help.

Target Audience

WIHP Social Media team assists you in building the best social media profiles. We either instruct you in proper methods, as part as our consulting service, or we take the burden off your shoulders, and manage ROI-driving social media profiles and campaigns for you. WIHP knows exactly what it takes to interact with clients and get referrals.
We studied over 20,000 bookings surveying guests as to how they heard about their hotel. While the majority still count on friends and family, an increasingly large number reported TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter and other channels as their sources of information. Social media is your tool to increase word-of-mouth communication.

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