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Take control of your hotel website with an easy-to-use CMS built for hoteliers.

Introducing the first real-time content management system (CMS) specially built for hoteliers. Keep your texts, images and special offers updated, without special coding skills, and without changing the design of the site.


No Technical Skills

If you search for content management systems online, assuming that they respect the basic laws of design and conversion, you can still identify two major issues.
The first one is that any changes need to be done via the webmaster panel, which requires someone who knows HTML and CSS coding
Our designers and programmers sat down to solve the problem once and for all to create a fully functioning CMS that gives the hotelier full control of their website while not tampering with the user experience and without any technical skills required.

Real Time Changes

The Second issue is when you have a back-end CMS for the site, you can't see the changes you make and you can even alter, or destroy, the original design.
With WIHP all your worries are gone. Our CMS systems allow you to update the content without impeding user experience on your site, and without altering the design, all while keeping the sales channel smooth and workable.
This is WIHPcms, a first in the hotel CMS space.

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