The WIHP offices

Dedicated account executives for one-on-one consulting

WIHP consultants team up with your marketing managers, monitor your WIHP hotel marketing ecosystem and act to make sure that your business is growing at the pace it should grow.



WIHP account executives refine the strategy tailored exclusively for your hotel.
The first step in implementing the strategy is to perform in-depth analysis and identify the hidden gems that can be used to increase the hotel’s revenue. They look at the strengths and weaknesses of your hotel’s new marketing strategy by analyzing past performance, occupancy and rate management, and comparing all data to determine key elements of your marketing efficiency.

Based on all the information collected, our hotel marketing analysts adjust the marketing strategy and work out the perfect plan to concretely reach the objectives in the three, six, twelve and twenty-four following months.


WIHP customers are guaranteed return on investment, which is tracked and measured by your consultant every day, leaving nothing to chance. WIHP's unique monitoring and analytics platform for hotels delivers all the key information you and your WIHP account executive need to take action based on critical performance indicators.

Your WIHP consultant sees exactly what is happening with your hotel’s online marketing and takes proactive measures to optimize performance. Moreover, WIHP analysts are monitoring results based on all the goals and objectives agreed upon with you, and work with you to take the right actions to meet all your objectives.

Detailed reports

WIHP reports are designed to make social analytics data easily digestible and actionable. They also include everything you need to know to refine your hotel marketing strategy, keeping you abreast of the competition.

WIHP account executives will help you understand the data, charts and figures on your analytics dashboard, and show you how to use them to fine-tune your campaigns and measure your results to help you improve your hotel's bottom line.

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