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Single click advertising on every channel that counts (meta-search, AdWords, retargeting and more)

Order the advertising you need, set the budget, monitor the return on investment. We take care of the rest.

The advertising you need

Don't set random advertising budgets for channels that don't deliver ROI. Instead, count on our decades of experience with over 4000 hotels from all over the world, to identify the right advertising channels for your hotel. When you contact us, we will tell you what hotel advertising you need based on custom analysis of hotel, your competition, market, season and more. We can estimate with great accuracy how much each channel can deliver in ROI.

Easy to manage on a central platform

WIHPConnect is the most advanced hotel marketing platform available on the Internet. It offers you direct access to every advertising network you'll ever need, as well as a wealth of proficient tools, including retargeting, meta-search, AdWords and a lot more. Forget about micromanaging these channels: your WIHP account executive will handle the connections and give you feedback on what to do next.

Set the budget, monitor the ROI

Once you’ve set the budget and you approved the channels to advertise on, you get access to WIHPConnect to monitor the return on investment of each channel. We’ll even give you complimentary advice based on our analysis of your campaigns, to help you increase efficiency, without increasing ad spend.

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