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Why you need a holistic hotel marketing solution



Direct Revenue Hotel Marketing Package - wihphotels

Direct Revenue Hotel Marketing Package - wihphotels

Per a recent unpublished survey of some 700 hoteliers and hotel marketing staff in hotels 77% of hotels surveyed replied that they handle most of their internet marketing efforts in-house. 12% replied that they used an agency 5% rely on their brand and 4% on their management company.


When asked which channel drives the most traffic to their brand website, 33% of the same hoteliers answered that they weren’t sure. So if the majority of hotels manage their own marketing in-house and the largest group of those don’t know where their direct traffic comes from, there’s obviously a problem.


Yet, most hotels agree that they want to generate more direct, commission free, revenue.


If you want more direct revenue, it is recommended to get professional help, help from agencies or consultants who have successfully created and managed direct revenue strategies.


Back to why we packaged up our hotel marketing solution.


Over the last 15 years we have tried many options to increasing direct revenue, we created hotel websites, we managed AdWord campaigns, we built a great metasearch advertising solution, we helped with some rate strategy consulting, at one point we even helped hotels reworking their interior design (with designers of course).

From all our experiences, we culled those elements that made the biggest impact on direct revenue and we learned one big lesson, if you want a direct booking or direct revenue strategy to work, it must be a cohesive plan. Meaning the hotel website design, the distribution strategy, the SEO, the Search Engine Advertising, the metasearch advertising, the social media strategy and even the rate strategy need to be built as one plan in a holistic approach.


In fact the biggest downfall in every hotel marketing strategy we have seen so far is a lack of coordination between the various parts of the plan. We have noticed this with both independent hotels and hotel chains, every time multiple companies or consultants were used that didn’t work together in a very coordinated manner following an exact marketing plan, the results were miserable.


So much so that in these cases, it’s better to do nothing on the majority of the channels rather than trying to give bit and piece to various agencies, consultants of internal hotel marketing staff.


Our DirectBooking packages have been studied with exactly that in mind, what does a hotel need, at varying levels, to execute an efficient hotel marketing plan, one that will generate direct, commission free, revenue.

This isn’t intended to be an advertising for our DirectBooking packages, rather an attempt to help hoteliers and hotel marketers to choosing complete solutions. If you are searching to review your hotel marketing, increase your direct revenue and reduce OTA commissions – find an agency that will coordinate the following elements for you.


-Distribution strategy (OTAs and others)
-Search Engine Optimization
-Search Engine Advertising
-Rate strategy
-Hotel Marketing Analytics (in addition to Google Analytics)
-Someone there to coordinate and guide you through this who knows what they are doing


The above are the minimum items, additional points that can be taken into account and are a great plus are:


-Social Media plan
-Influencer marketing actions
-Email marketing strategy
-Online reputation management
-Interior design upgrades
-Staff training


The second section are all important parts of your hotel’s marketing but often require additional resources not found in a hotel marketing agency. If you can coordinate all the above elements you have the formula for a winning hotel marketing plan.

In summary

What breaks most hotel marketing efforts isn’t the actions they are doing but the lack of coordination between these efforts. Even a mediocre hotel marketing strategy, well executed in a coordinated manner will be more efficient than the best strategies executed through disparate efforts.


To help hoteliers and hotel marketing staff improve and coordinate their hotel marketing strategies we are including the chart below. The descriptions in this chart are the minimum levels that should be in to have an acceptable hotel marketing activities, each one can and should then be taken to much more advanced levels.


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