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Where to find new customers online? seo vs. social media



How and where to search and find new customers has been and will be a marketer’s quest since marketers exist. Cost of acquisition of new customers varies and in some cases (name Groupon) can be what makes or breaks a company/hotel etc. So like all good marketers, we’ve studied the impact of search engines, social media and reviews to find what works best to bring new guest.

We’ve given the sites two qualities, either they introduce new customers to a hotel or they are a step on the way of someone who was already searching for the hotel. While both have value, this article is about finding new customers. We’ve covered the real source of hotel bookings and what sites refer most bookings earlier which was purely based on quantity. Here we’re looking at quality.

Enjoy this little infographic for the results of the survey.

Summary and where to market for new customers

What this shows is how search engines are used for their purpose: finding websites while social media sites are a source of discovering new information.

Hotel marketers should find ways to advertise on Tripadvisor and social media sites to reach new guests while using tools such as Google’s Remarketing and adwords to reach guests that are still shopping for hotels through search engines.

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