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Where do Direct Bookings come from 2014



Discovering the real source of direct bookings in hotels. A yearly survey of thousands of hotel guests to determine how they discovered the hotel and booked.

Hotel direct booking source survey 2014 - WIHP Hotels

Hotel direct booking source survey 2014 - WIHP Hotels

Since 2011 we’ve been publishing a yearly survey of where Direct Bookings come from. Every year after the summer holidays we gather several month of answers from guests that booked directly with hotels and ask them how they heard of the hotel they booked. This year the survey consists of a bit more than 12,000 guest replies.


The results vary from year to year (see the previous articles here for 2011, 2012, 2013) but they never change wildly.


The biggest change is position number 1, which belonged to TripAdvisor last year and this year has returned to Friends and Family.


Last year we were surprised to see TripAdvisor taking the top spot and speculated that this could have been due to their newly launched TripConnect platform, but that doesn’t seem to be the source. The fact remains that respondents are saying it isn’t where they discovered the hotel.


Another interesting fact is that OTAs are steadily declining as a source of Direct Bookings for hotels. While still high at 16.2% it is interesting that they are declining showing that their strategy to retain guests is working. Considering that Priceline reports 30% of their revenue is spent on marketing they obviously need to optimize their marketing as much as possible to retain visitors on their site.


Repeat guests are and increasing category and this could be attributed to implementing better long term marketing strategies with clients. At these surveys are conducted on WIHP clients and we work with hotels to increase the repeat guests this may not be an international trend.


What is steadily decreasing and bears more looking into is how people are less affected by blog articles to find their hotels. The influencer marketing platform Snaptraveller has been working with hotels to increase notoriety through multiple channels (Instagram, Twitter in addition to articles on the blog).


How we collected the information:
A marketing survey was placed at the payment step of the booking engine on several hundred hotels in WIHP’s portfolio asking the guests that booked how they discovered the hotel. A dropdown of possible replies were suggested to the guest which are represented above. No changes have been made to the possible replies in the last four years in order to keep the integrity of the survey. 25% of the hotels selected for the survey vary year over year, 75% remain the same.

Download the graphic here.

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