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The change in hotel search – more stats and facts



WIHP_The change in hotel search – more stats and facts

Following our article “The change in hotel search“, we wanted to give some more information about the search trends and show more stats facts etc.

Search categories

The data is based on these tools:

Google Keywords Tools (for search volumes, this data changes monthly it’s only an idea)
Google Insight for Search (gives search trends)

We’ve use the Keywords Tools to find the most searched keywords when looking for the keyword “hotel“. Here are the results:

Interesting points:

35% of hotel broad search is for hotel type.

5% of hotel broad search is for hotel review, it shows that guests search for reviews on specific sites or by typing a longer search query such as hotel [name] reviews.

60% of hotel broad search is for hotel locations.

Hotel Search trends:

Now let’s look at the search trends from Google Insight for Search.

Except for the “Spa hotel” which has a slight increase and “Boutique Hotel” which is growing fast, the 18 other keywords are decreasing.

The following stats do not represent trafic volume of the website, they only represent the Brand awareness of the website from the internet users

Now let’s have a look at the main hotel collections / affiliate brands:

We can see they had a boost when they launched their collections. But year after year, they’re going down like the generic keywords above.

From what we’ve observe in our previous post, and where growing very fast. So let’s have a look on all the main OTAs on the web right now :

Same results here. Except which getting more and more search every years, all the other OTA are loosing search volume (this doesn’t include people typing the exact url in the search bar). So which Brand are actually the ones guests choose to find their hotels ?


Guests are more and more educated in price shopping online and are moving towards rate comparison sites (which in turn bring traffic to OTAs). While this isn’t something new it clearly shows that hotels need to be listed on these sites if they want to be found by guests and future guests.

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  1. Martin Rusteberg

    Hi Martin, although we are currently still quite regional, you should include as we are specifically focussing on the spa, design and boutique niche that is still growing. Google Insight has us still growing as well ;)

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