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Second Moment of Truth in Hotel Marketing part 4 of 4




The final part in our series on Moments of Truth in Hotel Marketing. The Second Moment of Truth or SMOT. Here’s the proof of do you deliver what you say you do. Are you the best hotel in New York as you claimed on your website?

The second moment of truth happens as the guest arrives in the hotel and during their entire stay at your hotel. Now it’s up to you to service the guest and make their stay something to write about. The second moment of truth is more than a marketing step, it’s what will determine the long term demand for your product. As we mentioned in the Stimulus in Hotel Marketing article guest reviews and guest experience account for at least 55.8% of your new customers.

All the proof of a pudding is in the eating.

This infographic combines the previous illustrations from our posts on the Moments of Truth. The last line shows how the Second Moment of Truth feeds the stimulus, the social media the friends and family, online reviews etc. Showing how SMOT is the key to generating new customers.

If you want word of mouth, if you want guest to talk to their friends and family about your hotel, if you want great reviews it all depends on what you do at the second moment of truth.

That doesn’t mean that only luxury hotels will have a great SMOT, it means that you have to minimally deliver what was promised. If you want to make things even better for yourself, go the extra mile and deliver a little more than what you promised.

I won’t belabor the point with lots of text, every good hotelier knows all about it and every marketer knows that word of mouth is the best marketing in the world. The above infographic just illustrates where exactly the SMOT connects to future marketing.

The moments of truth defined for hotels

- Discovery / stimulus: Guest finds out about the hotel and gets interested. (See our article about that here)

- Zero Moment of truth: Guest goes online to research the hotel and “do his homework”. (See our article on ZMOT for hotels here)

-First Moment of truth: Guest finds the hotel website and finds out if this product is for him. (See our article on FMOT for hotels here)

- Second Moment of truth: Guest arrives and discovers the product and is either happy or disappointed, which then cycles to Stimulus (or lack thereof) for his friends and family.


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