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Offline survey: how did they find you?



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A recent survey we conducted (2nd quarter 2012) of almost 20,000 hotel guest asking them how they heard about the hotel gave us some interesting insight into what’s stimulating hotel guests to book their hotel.

We did a similar survey last year and while the differences aren’t huge they are interesting.

A survey conducted in 2012 of 20,000 hotel guests asking how they heard of the hotel.

A survey conducted in 2012 of 20,000 hotel guests asking how they heard of the hotel.

Here’s a comparative table to last year’s survey.

The biggest change is TripAdvisor which increased by 2.2% and is in third position compared to last year (4th position).

Interestingly Travel Agents are moving up, which indicates lower rate parity between GDS and hotel websites.

Social Media isn’t winning at this race which points to the low level of ROI on social media marketing. As we have indicated several times there are two aspects to this. First off Social Media isn’t a good marketing tool, but it’s a great public relations tool and hotels must use it as a channel to communicate to guests and potential guests. Secondly while Friends and Family lost a fair share of its influence as a stimulus it is also very likely that sharing one’s stay on social media is being recorded in the guests minds as Friends and Family and not social media. Just like nobody is saying they heard about the hotel from emails.

We hope this helps hoteliers and marketers around the world to hone their marketing tools and help hotels increase their bookings by being more relevant. If you have further questions drop a note in the comments below and we’ll try to reply as quickly as we can.


  1. Hillcrest Retreat

    Ok .. at the risk of sounding dumb .. what is an OTA?

  2. Maciej Wąsowicz

    Online Travel Agent

  3. Hillcrest Retreat

    Thank you .. seems obvious once you know :)

  4. Jane Brocklebank

    Online Travel Agent :)

  5. Wihp Team

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  6. Wihp Team

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  8. Geetika Bahri

    This survey was done in which region of the world?

  9. Martin Soler

    European capital cities mainly.

  10. Stefano

    Search engines…. nothing?

  11. Martin Soler

    Search engines are included in Other. The survey was done on city center hotels which don’t use search in the same way as resorts and other hotels

  12. Jane Brocklebank

    This is really interesting. I’m surprised that friends and family is top over other web based searches. I wonder how much the others had an influence. Impossible to measure unfortunately!

  13. Wihp Team

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  14. Tohoejgaard Guesthouse

    It’s a very interesting – and surprising survey, especially that “others” include search engines. I would presume, that was much higher. Could it be, that people start searching on the Internet, and because of the OTAs pretty aggressive marketing, they come up as #1 – #3? I see that happening here, when you google ‘Bed and breakfast Mon’ (an island in Denmark, visited by 300.000 tourists / year, because of a spectacular white cliff). Then guests tend to pick one of those, in stead of scrolling down, where your place might be listed on the organic part of Google

  15. Jean-Claude MORAND

    What’s the share for the DMOs ? Are they included within the category “Others” with the search engines ?

  16. Martin Soler

    I’m not sure how many hotel guests are aware that they’ve been inspired to book at a hotel by a DMO. I would think they fall into the category of Magazines, Travel Guides and possibly also Others.

  17. Invinciblecj

    what’s the meaning of OTA?

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