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Bing works to bring SEOs to them



Bing recently announced their new Webmaster Tools dashboard. It’s a major upgrade from the previous edition and a pretty good improvement compared to the Google Webmaster Tools.

While Bing is becoming a bigger and bigger player in the field of hotel marketing it is still a long way from being a game changer for Hotel Marketing SEO people. A rapid check over last month’s bookings on a few of our clients shows that Bing makes about 3.5% of the bookings on hotel websites (this is not an exchaustive survey but rather a random check up of high producing hotels).

One of the problems SEO people encounter with Bing’s index is that while Google’s index algorithm is confidential, broad and complicated it remains somewhat logical and getting properly indexed in Google follows a series of relatively logical steps, thus of course SEO people will focus on what works (aside from the market share of Google). Bing on the other hand has a different algorithm which many SEO people don’t seem to understand that well and thus don’t optimize for it.

By adding a good Webmaster Tool Bing is reaching out to the SEO world to make their index better. Simple problems like Official Hotel websites that aren’t showing as the first result is a mystery to many SEO people.

New Dashboard of Bing Webmaster Tools.

New Dashboard of Bing Webmaster Tools.

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