The WIHP offices

Become a global leader in the hotel marketing industry, be part of a team with proven, long-lasting value.

What you will do?


We look for strong personal qualities and potential, determination, loyalty and forward-thinking individuals.

At WIHP, all team members must have the qualities to maintain long-term, trust-based relationships with clients. These include strong problem-solving skills, tenacity and leadership skills.

Beyond these capabilities, we expect you to share our quest for excellence, dedication to client service, and commitment to developing oneself and those around you.

Our Growth

We offer a rare combination of dynamic, exhilarating, and entrepreneurial spirit with decades of proven success. We are striving to become even better.

As a company that always helps clients find ways to improve their operations, WIHP is keenly focused on the quality of its own work environment and professionals. We believe in passion, commitment and open communication. Our experts are connected by strong values and a passion for technology that brings real results.

We believe that results are the baseline of our industry. We measure them and we deliver superior client value while also attracting the best and brightest employees in the industry, to help our clients always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Acheive big challenges

We’re in a unique position to make positive change happen.
Complex problems require collaboration between industry experts and online marketing experts to achieve progress.

Because of our relationships, networks, and client work across these two pratices, we have a unique opportunity to integrate industry insights and bring strategical mindset to make a significant positive difference for the "Hotel" world.

How you will grow?

R&D and Training

We invest in our talents.

We nurture talent, remove obstacles, encourage and create opportunity through exposure to thought leaders, an extensive online course catalog, video training, development support and industry events.

Our comprehensive corporate, industry and technical training frameworks put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to develop your own personalized career path, manage your learning curve and develop your progress along the way.


At WIHP, we have a very collaborative culture that celebrates breakthrough ideas and the diverse set of people who dream them and make them real, from a variety of specialty areas.

Over the years, we’ve found one thing to be consistently true: when you create the right mix of minds and disciplines, and give them an opportunity to successfully achieve big challenges, they do.


At WIHP, you will also learn by doing.

When you join the firm, you will evolve under senior colleagues who will provide active and ongoing support for your career direction and professional growth. They will participate in your performance evaluations, and measure your progress against your goals.

While coaching is everyone’s responsibility at WIHP, the bulk of it comes from your team.
At the beginning of a project, team members meet to discuss their development goals and how the rest of the team can help them. When you’re doing something well, you’ll get reinforcement. When you’re having trouble, someone will point out how you might improve.
The aim is always to help you learn, grow, and succeed.

Your Role

Industry Experts

Consultants and Experts joined WIHP with significant industry experience. These professionals bring profound knowledge of the “Hotelier’” industry. At WIHP, they become consultants affiliated with a practice and work across a number of client teams to provide problem-solving expertise.

Senior Advisors continue to enhance their knowledge and deliver high-impact work to teams, possessing unique and deep knowledge. They provide counsel to our most senior clients, lead knowledge creation and dissemination, and provide mentoring to other consultants.

Online marketing

Our Marketing Team is composed of designers, developers, programmers and marketers with extensive experience in online marketing and direct revenue development.

We focus on implementing strategies that improve website performances and increase the visibility of client business. Moreover we focus on delivering valuable insights to the client in order to enhance customer engagement. Hotel marketing is a changing business. WIHP is uniquely positioned to lead the way. Join us to make a difference.

A team of


Consultants, Industry Experts, Senior Advisors, Designers, Developers, Programmers and Marketers.

A network of


former employees building a worldwide network. We are as proud of their career as they are of us.