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Our people come from all over the world, with a diversity of specialization and a significant industry experience.

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We are a network of experts and technicians in hotel marketing

Our staff come as much from the marketing and design world as they come from the hotel management and sales world. We strive to have a company based on great marketing knowledge and great hotel management knowledge, thus helping hotels increase their online marketing at a much higher level because we can understand and consult. Our staff actively consult hoteliers with what they need to do on their marketing and webdesign, it’s a proactive engagement between us and the hotel.
Building on years of experience and success we have tested almost every form of hotel website and layout there is, almost every type of social media campaign, pay-per-click campaign, strategy and more. We know what works and can help hotels avoid the trial and error mistakes that so commonly stall them from getting great results fast.
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