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WIHP is an online marketing firm. We are the trusted marketers to the world hotel industry, specialized in direct reservation.


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Experts in driving direct revenue for hotels

Since the creation of the company in 1999, we’ve been focused on helping hotels improve direct bookings through their websites and other channels. Built by marketing experts and real hoteliers, WIHP knows just what it means to manage a hotel, and created a marketing company around the true needs of the modern hoteliers. Our focus is to consult and help hotels increase their direct revenue, using the best tools and strategies, proprietary to our company, developed exclusively for our clients. We offer you everything you need to be successful: efficient tracking algorithms; custom-built hotel websites that increase conversions; expert consultants with professional hotelier background; analysts who know how to make sense of the latest hotel marketing trend; and a lot more.

WIHP is committed to strengthening your hotel's position online, by increasing the impact of your hotel's direct marketing. With WIHPConnect, Convert, and other proprietary tools designed to promote your hotel on a multitude of channels, we give you the power to make direct bookings your main revenue channel.

Our Values

We are a network of experts and technicians in hotel marketing

With a staff of marketing professionals, talented designers, seasoned hotel managers and gifted sales executives, WIHP is uniquely positioned as a company with both hotel marketing knowledge and hotel management expertise. WIHP understands intimately the special needs of every hotelier, and approaches his or her online marketing proactively.

Building on decades of experience and proven success, we have tested every form of hotel website and layout there is, every type of social media campaign, pay-per-click campaigns, strategies and more. We know exactly what works, and what doesn't. With us, any hotel can avoid costly trial-and-error mistakes and get down to the business of making money.

We build unrivaled hotel marketing tools and deliver strategies that work.

To deliver a superior service for our clients we built unique tools that solve the real problems faced by all hotels. What we offer you is technology unique on the market to give you access to complete tracking, exact ROI measurement, distribution, connectivity with meta-search giants and much more.

Every app and platform we built is first beta-tested by real hoteliers, so that by the time you receive the finished product, everything runs smoothly and flawlessly. This process ensures that your hotel marketing staff have access to marketing tools with proven efficiency and value.

Everything we test, build and deliver is focused on one objective: INCREASE DIRECT BOOKINGS.

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We create emotional impact and convert it into direct bookings

At WIHP we believe that any marketing strategy must be measured against revenue generated for our hotel clients. We also believe that one of the main forces that drives a website visitor to take action, and book, is the emotional impact. Be it through amazing images, great rates or fantastic locations, we strive to deliver the emotional impact that converts website visitors into paying guests.
Great emotional impact isn’t just about the "WOW" effect, but also about user experience. We unclutter your website, by removing the things that keep the user from finding information and the booking engine quickly. Combining great emotional impact and improving conversions generate more direct revenue.

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