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Increase direct bookings with the WIHP Premium suite of online hotel marketing tools.

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WIHP premium

WIHP Premium offers a series of web applications and tools designed to increase direct bookings for your hotel. The WIHP ecosystem is tailored exclusively for your hotel and its needs, to convert direct bookings into your primary source of revenue. Working on your occupancy, average daily rate and overall turnover, WIHP Premium takes all the factors into account, and boosts your hotel’s revenue.

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Analyze your hotel’s revenue, occupancy, rates and marketing to determine the strategy.

WIHP marketing experts, led by successful hoteliers and marketing engineers, go through all the data related to your hotel’s marketing, and determine the strategy that will generate the most direct bookings and increase revenue for your hotel.

Marketing analysis


Advertise and popularize, using the right channels.

Minimize acquisition costs.

Using a multitude of advertising and marketing channels, WIHP Premium increases the hotel brand awareness to people who are most likely to book. Through precise tracking and targeting WIHP Premium leads them directly to your hotel’s website instead of third party booking platforms.

1. Popularize/Acquire

Rigorously tested channels that ensure adequate ROI.

TripAdvisor Campaign



2. Convert

Websites designed to convert, tested across the world.

Web design

Content Management

3. Retain

Make your guests want to come back in your hotel.

Social Media

Email Marketing


Tracking results and managing return on investment (ROI)

WIHP Premium embeds a custom built analytics platform, to provide you and our consultants with the exact data required to take action that drives return on investment.

Tracking and Analytics

Revenue Management


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